How It Works

Our customers find us online or at the store with a meaningful decision in mind. They apply. We decide instantly. The process takes just seconds. Every qualified customer receives personalized terms for a lease or a loan, depending on their unique history. The more dependable the individual, the better the terms. The customer makes an initial, in-store payment. We take care of the rest. Flexible terms give every customer the freedom to buy out whenever they want. No hidden fees.


How We Decide


Good people have bad credit too. That’s why we look at more than a thousand other indicators to see if our customers are dependable. Your credit score is only part of your story. We personalize pricing for every qualified applicant based on their proven ability to pay. The more dependable the individual, the better the terms. Qualifying applicants with non-prime credit scores now have a new way to prove their integrity. Prime applicants can rely on personalized terms.


How We Do It

A credit score reviews someone’s past borrowing record. We want to know more.  We review hundreds of public data records to reliably predict pay-ability. Our machine-learning algorithms constantly evolve to define what makes someone more dependable with greater precision. A credit score is only part of that equation. We provide the most inclusive program by pricing on a sliding scale of dependability, offering leases and loans. Each qualified customer receives the best pricing available. We work with trusted merchants in niche markets to ensure transactions are secure and sales are immediate.

Our Products